At Messingham Primary School, our intention for learning the Spanish language is that it provides an insight into another culture, enabling our children to have the confidence to practise an additional language as they travel.  It is intended that children will leave Messingham Primary School with the basic yet secure understanding of key grammar and vocabulary which will motivate them to achieve as they head into the secondary national curriculum in Spanish.


Our intent:

At Messingham Primary School, we strive to offer high-quality teaching of the Spanish language that will enable children to express themselves verbally and graphically in another language, in addition to understanding and responding to aural communication through practice and opportunities to hear the spoken word

Children should recognise differences and similarities between the English and Spanish language in order that misconceptions can be addressed early in their language education.

Children should recognise cultural differences regionally and globally and embrace them through celebration of events and traditions.


How we implement this:


A clear and concise curriculum has been designed to match the needs of our KS2 children.

The focus will be on:


  1. Key vocabulary (LKS & UKS2)
  2. Key grammar (UKS2)
  3. Repetition
  4. Written work
  5. Speaking opportunities (partner work, presentations)
  6. Auditory learning (video, native speakers)
  7. Cultural differences and understanding of the wider world


The themes that will be studied at Messingham Primary School will be:

Year 3:

Numbers to 30/Colours – vocabulary/Greetings/Days, months, age

Year 4:

Numbers to 50/Colours to describe/Pets

Year 5:

Numbers to 100/Describing People/Sports and Hobbie (Inc conjugations)

Year 6:


Places in town

Travel & Transport


The impact:

Our Spanish curriculum ensures that children develop their knowledge of a different language (Spanish) through varied learning experiences, including understanding of differences within the wider world and its cultures.

Our partnership working with local secondary schools will enable the school to develop the confidence of our children so that they may pursue interests in MFL as they proceed throughout their education.

Children will be provided with opportunities to increase confidence so that they may use an additional language when travelling throughout the world based on repetitive learning and working memory techniques to provide a firm foundation for further study.  This will be seen in their written work in books, heard through conversation and importantly gained through discussion about personal experience of the wider world and their use of an additional language.


The fundamentals

  • Promote interest in the wider world and additional languages
  • Explore cultural differences between the UK and Spanish-speaking countries
  • All children to be exposed to key vocabulary and grammar to ensure an early start into studying Spanish as a MFL
  • Allow talent to be developed in MFL



For any queries regarding Spanish at Messingham Primary School please contact Mrs Tutty our school’s Spanish Subject Leader.

Spanish Progression of Skills

Year 3 Autumn


Year 4 Autumn

Year 5 Autumn

Year 6 Autumn