EYFS - School Induction at Messingham

Special Arrangments for Summer 2021

At Messingham Primary School, we recognise the importance of providing a structured programme that will support the smooth transition for pupils and parents as they start Messingham School. Below, we outline the steps of this induction process.

By clicking on the bold words, you will find video clips or PowerPoints that provide more information for you.

A Home Visit

We offer each child a home visit. This visit is an opportunity to meet with the class teacher and the Early Years Practitioner on an individual basis. At the Home Visit, the teacher will gather information about your child (E.g., pre-school experiences, likes, dislikes, etc.) The supporting adult will talk and play with your child and invite them to draw a picture to display in school when your child starts. You will have a chance to ask any questions you may have.

Moving Up Day

We hold a ‘Moving Up’ morning in school. On this day, we invite all the new Reception pupils to attend a session with their new class teacher and Early Practitioners. This session takes part in the Reception Classroom. In this session, the current Reception pupils go to visit their new teachers too.

Children's Visit Sessions

We organise sessions for children to come and play in the Reception Classroom. We invite the local Early Years settings such as Little Imps, Wise Owls and Peekaboo Day Nursery to visit us at these times. Any children who do not attend these settings are also welcome, to come and join us with an accompanying adult from their Setting or with a family member. The sessions will last approximately 1 hour. During these sessions, children can explore the indoor classroom and the outdoor classroom.

Parent's Induction Meeting

There will be an evening meeting for parents of new starters. This meeting is not suitable for children themselves, and we would ask that they do not attend. At this meeting, the Head Teacher and the Reception staff team will give you all the essential information about starting school, E.g., date and time of entry, school life, lunchtimes, and the Reception Class curriculum. There will be an opportunity to ask questions, view the classrooms, and look at displays. These will help show the type of activities your child will be involved in when they start school. It will last approximately 1 hour. For those who cannot attend, please find a copy of the PowerPoint here.

Workshops for the Parents of New Pupils

Often, when Home Visiting our new pupils, questions are asked about the skills that we would expect a child to have as they start school. Questions often refer to literacy or mathematics skills. We provide two parent workshops at school to help answer these queries. These workshops make links to the importance of the Prime areas: Personal and Emotional communication and Language, Development and Physical Development.

For those parents who cannot attend, please find links here to the PowerPoint information for the Literacy Workshop and the Maths Workshop.

School Dinner

We like to invite you to bring your child to experience a school dinner. This session takes place in the school hall and is held before the current pupils having their lunch.

Unfortunately, we cannot provide this session for you in 2021. We look forward to hopefully catering for this in July 2022.