Vision and Values


‘We aspire to be our best selves. We are founders of our own story!’

Our Vision:

The school’s vision was formulated with a working party of teachers, teaching assistants, office staff, governors and parents whilst the school undertook a values and vision training day on 3rd January 2023.


We are Messingham Primary School. Today, we are nurturing the global citizens of tomorrow. We
passionately believe in equipping our children with the emotional intelligence, maturity and attitudes to
succeed. We have a firm belief that we can make a positive difference in our ever-changing world. We
champion the potential in everyone and each other. Strong relationships are the roots of our success and
high expectations are upheld above everything else. We aspire to be the best version of ourselves.

Values Based Education underpins our school ethos. Great focus is placed on developing well-rounded
individuals who are empathetic, reflective, kind and respectful. Our children thrive in a calm, caring and
happy environment where academic excellence is at the forefront. We provide our children with rich and
varied experiences. Active Learning is a key aspect of our identity, where healthy competition, teamwork,
pride and resilience are encouraged. Through the curriculum and support within our community, children
develop the confidence to become founders of their own stories.

Our motto is ‘Working together to grow our own story