Physical Education


Physical Education at Messingham

At Messingham Primary School we recognise the importance of physical education and the impact this can have on mental wellbeing as well as physical health. Our hope is that we as a school will embed the skills that will enhance life-long fitness and aim is to ensure children have a positive attitude towards exercise throughout their life.  By taking part in a range of sporting activities and exposing children to the different aspects of sporting competitions allowing them to experience both success and failure individually and as a team we hope to create fantastic sportsmen within our pupils who carry skills such as leadership, teamwork and resilience.

Our intent:

  • to promote an enjoyment and appreciation for sport
  • for children to recognise different sporting champions from a range of different backgrounds
  • for children to feel confident taking part in a range of sports
  • for children to understand success and failure is ok
  • for children to use a sporting terminology, for a range of different sports, with confidence
  • for children to participate in performances, competitions and activities
  • allow the children to recognise the importance of teamwork and show appreciation for their team members
  • to focus on their individual successes and work on bettering their own skills
  • we hope for children to understand the purpose of rules and the reason for fair play

How we implement this:

The PE curriculum at Messingham Primary School ensures children revisit existing skills, are taught new skills using the correct terminology before then allowing the children to practise these new skills and apply them to different sporting situations whether this be a competition or a final performance piece. This is shown throughout our PE lessons where the fundamental skills are taught to the children throughout the term and they are then able to apply these skills to game scenarios / performances at the end of the term. In addition to this the children also take part in competitions and performances against other schools opening them up to the wider community of sport.  The children are exposed to many different sports which change each half term allowing them to explore different sports and hopefully find a sport they feel confident taking part in.  Within our school, we create an inclusive ethos within sport as early as Reception; this is done through our Key Stage 2 Sporting Leaders. Their role within our school is to provide inclusive sporting opportunities for the Key Stage 1 children where the children feel confident in taking part in physical activity and games whilst subconsciously learning basic skills such as teamwork, problem solving skills and resilience. We believe these are key skills in creating successful sportsmen. Furthermore, within our PE lessons we have introduced ‘Values Boxes’.  Each of our value boxes contains a different value such as ‘responsibility and ‘respect’ if the children are seen showing one of our values throughout their PE lessons they earn their team house points. This is allowing our children to experience team work within PE that does not always relate to the sport itself and has built children who participate, listen and show respect towards the lesson. In addition to our PE lessons the children at Messingham experience exercise in different forms throughout the school day. We implement the idea that children should be active for 30 minutes a day and do this through various brain breaks such as its catching, go noodles and the mile run. We believe this gives children release time throughout the day and instils a positive outlook on activity as it provides them that ‘brain break’ when needed which improves mental wellbeing.


The impact:

Our PE curriculum is planned to build on existing skills and embed new skills before allowing the children to apply these skills. Our PE progression of skills document explores the different skills we teach in each sporting element and allows children to build on from previous years. This document also allows our staff members to understand the previous skills the children have been taught in relation to this sport. This helps for accurate planning and assessment purposes. If children are achieving knowledge and skills for their year group they are deemed to be making good progress. This is measured through assessment at the end of each sporting unit. We also measure the success of our sporting curriculum by the uptake in our after school sporting clubs such as cheerleading and football as well as attendance at our lunchtime clubs ran by the sporting leaders.

For any queries regarding PE at Messingham Primary please contact Miss Wren or Mrs Hutchings our PE lead leaders.




At Messingham, we are keen to involve all children in physical activity and give them equal learning opportunities. For this reason, we are consistently checking a range of PE schemes to choose the best differentiation within PE lessons for our children. We organise a range of activities out of school, with our partnership, which are specifically planned for SEN/Low confident children within sport. We also run a range of out of school clubs within school for SEN children.


Gifted and Talented

As we are aware, many of the children at Messingham show a real talent within certain sports. We are also eager to enter competitions where these children can showcase their talents. We offer extra-curricular sport clubs for children. Within football, the trials are offered to all of the children in the school and then a squad is selected from those who attended. Equally, we offer a range of sport clubs that all children are welcome to attend.